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A speech-language pathologist can serve children or adults in the areas of communication and swallowing.  Speech therapy services include diagnosis, assessment, planning and treatment. 

Focus of treatment may include the following:

  • speech sound production
  • voice disorders
  • fluency (stuttering)
  • language (comprehension and expression)
  • cognition (attention, problem solving, memory)
  • feeding and swallowing – aversions, muscle weakness, coordination

Communication and swallowing disorders may be a result of:

  • neonatal problems (prematurity, low birth weight, substance exposure)
  • developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, specific language impairment)
  • auditory problems (hearing loss, deafness)
  • oral anomalies (cleft lip/palate, macroglossia)
  • genetic disorders (Down syndrome, fragile x syndrome, Rett syndrome)
  • neurological disease/dysfunction (traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy)

Please refer to www.asha.org for more information on speech-language therapy information. 

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