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Occupational therapy practitioners here at the Holmes County Training Center collaborate with the educational team to identify and meet the unique needs of our children who are experiencing delays or challenges in development. We combine our skills with the educators to address emergent literacy, sensory motor development, play skills, the development of safe feeding skills along with adaptive self-care skills. We offer support to teachers as well as the parents for safe and efficient care giver routines and information of available assistive equipment.

As therapists we provide intervention services to indentify limitations and then work to eliminate, modify or accommodate the barrier that interfere with the child’s performance and his ability to interact with his environment to his maximum potential. Strategies in overcoming those barriers include education of the disability and establishing effective motor patterns and safe positioning. Our goal is teach and engage the child at his level and then adapt the material as needed, model the skill, and shape the environmental condition to allow the child to experience the thrill of “play”, the responsibility of “work” and satisfaction of having an effect on the world around them.

Holmes County
Board of Developmental Disabilities
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