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Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What is an SSA?
    A service and support administrator (SSA) is a person who works for a County Board of DD and is assigned to you* to act as the primary, or main point of coordination for your services and supports. Your SSA is a trouble-shooter, problem-solver and an advocated for you.
    [*Note: The word "you" refers to a person with a disability, and a guardian, if one has been appointed.]

  • Who do I ask if I want an SSA?
    Call your local County Board of Developmental Disabilities and ask to be connected to the Intake Department. This is where they see if you are eligible for County Board services.

  • Why would I want an SSA assigned to me?
    • You want to know what services may be available to you.
    • You receive or want to receive several different services or supports and need an Individual Service Plan (ISP) developed or revised with you.
    • You live in an ICF and would like to move to a place in the community.
    • You want a community job with meaningful pay.
    • You want help in getting a provider (or a new provider) for some of your services.
    • You want help to fix a problem you may have with your services, a provider, or with a direct support staff person who works with you.
    • If you already are on a waiting list, to say what you are waiting for, and ask how soon it will be available.

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Email Addresses and Phone Numbers:

  • Tracy Kolarovsky (supervisor)  ... ext. 224

  • Bessie Cline                                     ... ext. 282

  • Stacy Hancock                                ... ext. 285

  • Lindsay Yoder                                 ... ext. 283

  • Carrie Huff                                      ... ext. 284

  • Dorothy Yoder                                ... ext. 253

  • Debbie Barnes                                ... ext. 237




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