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The DDC (Das Deutsch Center) Clinic is a center for special needs children. In the HCTC Dental Clinic we have an office for Dr. Wang from the DDC Clinic in Middlefield, Ohio. He comes to Holmes County once per month. This is a non-profit clinic that serves special needs infants and children with inherited and metabolic disorders.

The DDC clinic has the ability to conduct many specialized genetic tests for the rare conditions which exist in our community. The DDC Clinic strives to improve children’s lives through early diagnosis and treatment, research and education. Dr. Wang has helped 7 out of 10 families identify the cause of their child’s disability and avoid many costly hospital visits. He also tries to find treatments to help these children try to overcome the effects of their disorder. The DDC Clinic was started by several families after they visited Dr. Morton’s clinic in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 2012, DDC received a five year grant to continue to come to Holmes County once per month to help families. The grant also helps pay some of the cost of the genetic testing. The Holmes County Association for Handicapped Citizens is providing the match funds for this grant. A group of individuals are working to start a similar clinic in Holmes County.

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